How to buy cryptocurrency in Canada?

how to buy crypto in canada

If you are new to crypto in Canada, one of the fundamental questions to ask is where you will buy crypto in Canada and how to sell it. The question will be sufficiently answered in this article.  How to buy crypto in Canada? Buying crypto in Canada is a fast, straightforward process. Although crypto is … Read more

Elrond Overview: Where to trade, Projects, Video guide

trade elrond

Elrond is dubbed “the internet-scale blockchain”. Elrond is known to be highly scalable, efficient, and secure, and for its wide range of applications. The relatively new protocol achieves its high scalability through novel technologies like adaptive state sharding and meta chains.  Elrond (EGLD), native to the Elrond network, powers the entire Elrond ecosystem. The token … Read more

Avalanche Overview: Why add AVAX to your portfolio?

how to trade avalanche

Avalanche (AVAX) is one of the crypto projects geared toward disrupting traditional finance. These projects offer a range of functions—from crypto lending and borrowing to decentralized exchanges. It is a programmable platform for creating decentralized applications.  What is Avalanche? Three adjectives describe Avalanche, a blockchain created by Ava Labs: blazingly fast, low cost, and eco-friendly. … Read more