What is Everex? How does EVX work?

One of the many cryptocurrencies available on various exchanges is EVX, but not everyone is familiar with it. Before you buy Everex token, take a minute to learn more about it.

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What Is Everex?

Crypto Everex

Everex Network is a blockchain technology company providing solutions for financial service providers and their customers.

The Everex cryptocurrency is the token that powers the Everex Network. The network is a financial cooperative owned by its members. The goal of the network is to help cross-border merchants and business people who engage in transactions or trade goods and services.

Importantly, Everex does not provide financial services and is not a bank. Instead, it offers advisory, intermediary, and consulting services.

How Was Everex Created?

Everex was founded with a vision to power financial inclusion where financial service providers can allow the underserved to participate in the global financial landscape. The Everex cryptocurrency and network were created to improve the accessibility of international payments for consumers and businesses worldwide with the application of stablecoins.

It offers global money transfers, online bank card payments, a virtual IBAN for those in the EU and UK, payouts for vendors and affiliates, a global corporate card, and the ability to earn high-yield interest via partners.

Interesting facts

Everex’s first cross-border pilot was executed in 2016, between Thailand and Myanmar, with more than 600 sign-ups and more than 100 unbanked users who transferred in total more than THB 1,000,000 as remittance payments using Everex’s e-wallet app. Currently, there are over 10,000 registered users in the wallet with 10M recorded monthly visits on Ethplorer.io website.

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How Many Coins Have Been Issued?

There is a total supply of 25 million Everex, with 22.7 million in circulation.

Where to Buy Everex

You can buy the Everex coin via dozens of exchanges or brokers, including 7b. By buying the tokens, you become a member of the network and are entitled to all of its services and benefits. Keep in mind that if you want to buy Everex to become a member, as opposed to solely for investment, there are minimum requirements. You can purchase it monthly or annually, the latter of which features a 10% discount.

If you buy 25 EVX per month, you get the Bronze plan. This includes 5.5% APY on your deposit, a 2% card processing fee, free transfers, and free conversions between USD stablecoins and EUR or GBP. The Silver plan is for 49 EVX per month and increases your interest to 6.5%, lowers the processing fee to 1%, and adds 5% cashback on card spending. Finally, the Gold plan for 99 EVX per month has no processing fees, 8% cashback, 8.5% APY interest, a free IBAN, and free registration as a UK LTD or US LLC.

To put this in perspective, the Everex price at the time of writing is $0.8935. In the past year, the prices have ranged from $0.1538 to $1.67.

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How to buy Everex

How to Use Everex

When using the Everex Network, most members will use stablecoins as a connection between fiat currency and cryptocurrency.

Merchant members can use stablecoins pegged to the USD to settle funds on the same day as the transaction. They also get to take advantage of chargeback protection and processing fees that are zero or almost zero.

Of course, you can also use the Everex token like you would any other cryptocurrency and buy or sell it based on price fluctuations.

How can I trade Everex Using the 7b app?

You can trade the Everex coin just like any other cryptocurrency on the 7b broker app. Simply search for it by the name Everex or the EVX symbol.

Steps to trade EverEx in 7b

  1. Install 7b app from Google Play
  2. Pass the registration process. It will only take a couple of minutes.
  3. Deposit Everex or deposit some BTC to a 7b account. 
  4. Trade Everex using your deposited funds right in your 7b app. The last step finished and now you’re the happy owner of Everex.
  5. Done. Happy Everex trading!
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