Introducing 7B Referral Program

Making traders profitable is one of the goals of 7B. It does this by providing a platform where people can easily and safely trade their cryptocurrencies. 7B users can, in addition to buying and selling crypto, manage their portfolios and monitor price changes to make winning trades.

Now, 7B is stepping up this profitability goal a notch with the 7B Referral Program. The program aims to offer users (more) financial value for promoting the 7B platform—and by extension, the crypto community.

What is the 7B Referral Program?

It is a crypto referral program that allows 7B users to earn USDT when they invite friends to the 7B crypto broker app. 

How Does it Work?

Every registered user on the 7B platform has a unique referral code. A user can share this code with their friends and family.

The user is then entitled to earn 1 USDT from every 5000 USDT trade volume transacted by a person referred. However, the user is only eligible for this reward after the person referred has registered with the code and has traded on 7B for three months. The user will continue to receive 1 USDT for every 5000 USDT traded by the person referred. Also, the referred person gets a 1 USDT reward for every 5000 USDT they traded.

How to Refer

  • Download the 7B app
  • Register with an email and unique password
  • Go to the personal dashboard 
  • Copy the unique referral code
  • Share to friends and family
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Benefits of the 7B Referral Program

A Risk-Free Method to Earn Crypto

The cryptocurrency space offers diverse routes to earn income. The 7B referral program is one such route. Aside from trading, users can also earn money by bringing people into the crypto space. This gives them the opportunity to earn crypto income without directly bearing the risks associated with trading.

A Veritable Way to Get More Players in the Crypto Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency is not just another money-making tool, but the future of money. Therefore, it is necessary that more people understand the purpose and utilities of cryptocurrencies. 75 percent of Americans said they have heard little to nothing about cryptocurrencies. While 16 percent have invested in crypto, 70 percent stated that they have never invested or traded cryptocurrencies. 

These figures show that a lacuna exists within the crypto space. Government antagonisms and personal investment skepticism are major barriers to entry into the crypto ecosystem. However, crypto communities keep making attempts, such as the 7B referral program, to scale these barriers. The program will incentivize entrants into the crypto space to invest and trade cryptocurrencies.  

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I receive the reward?

The reward is deposited within 24 hours after meeting the requirements of the program. You are eligible to receive the reward after your referred user has traded up to 5000 USDT within 3 months of registration.

How much can I earn per referral?

The amount earned from a referral is unlimited as long as the conditions are fulfilled. If your referred person continues to trade, you will continue to earn 1 USDT for every 5000 USDT traded. This means that you will earn 200 USDT from a trading volume of 1,000,000 USDT and 1600 USDT from a trading volume of 10,000,000 USDT.

How many people can I refer?

There is no cap to the number of people you can refer. The more people you refer, the more the trading volume, and the more reward you earn.

Is the referral program available in all countries?

The program is available in all countries stated in 7B’s Terms of Service. 7B services are available to every other country except United States, Belarus, Cuba, Crimea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe. Its services are also unavailable in countries whose current legislation does not support such services. 

How long will the program last?

The 7B referral program has no time limit. However, the Company has the right to change the terms of the program, including its duration, or even terminate the program without any explanation. The Company can also prevent a user from participating in the program if it notices any suspicious activity within the user’s account. 


As the best crypto platform for trading cryptocurrencies, 7B is using its referral program to invite more people into the crypto space and offer them the chance to trade easily, safely, and profitably. Every current 7B user is expected to align with this mission. If you are one, visit your dashboard, copy your referral code and start sharing. If you are not yet a 7B user, then download the app here to begin.