Firsthand XNO News. Top 7 Nano Influencers

When it comes to crypto market, blockchain enthusiasts that share their opinion and insights may have strong influence on cryptocurrency users. Crypto influencers are strong supporters of anything cryptocurrency, and while they are doing so, they also getting more minds involved into the business. 

And their audience tend to follow advices of crypto opinion makers. There is tremendous number of crypto and blockchain-based projects available in the crypto scene, and with so much variety, it can be difficult to decide which project to follow.

One of the cryptocurrencies that can be proud of its community is Nano. The Nano blockchain gained its popularity in the industry thanks to the absence of transaction fees. 

We believe this coin has a big future and prepared a list of the top 7 Nano influencers whom you definitely should follow if you use this blockchain or just considering buying nano coins.

So… What is Nano?

Nano cryptocurrency described as “digital currency for everyone, without fees.“

It is a decentralized, sustainable, and secured digital payment protocol designed to be accessible and lightweight. The protocol is focused on addressing the inefficiencies in existing financial systems. So, the Nano protocol was designed to provide a unique and straightforward peer-to-peer transfer of value.

Nano or XNO allows individuals to use efficient and accessible digital currency that connects them to the global economy with minimal impact. Nano is aimed at providing a digital currency experience that has no worry, no fees, and no waiting policy. All that makes XNO one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the industry.

Who are the Top nano influencers?

  1. Colin LeMahieu 

Colin LeMahieu is the person that every Nano enthusiast knows or at least heard of. He is a software engineer and the man who founded Nano blockchain. So you can guess that his twitter account is full of Nano insights. His blog is the perfect source of all stuff Nano. He doesn’t post often but following his account you won’t miss any important update of Nano blockchain.

2. Based LeMahieu

You might wanna ask why is there Colin LeMahieu’s doppelgänger on the list. Started out as a Twitter parody account which is based on the personality of the Nano founder, Colin LeMahieu, it contains a lot of relevant information about this cryptocurrency. 

Whoever is behind Based LeMahieu’s account also shares a great variety of crypto-related memes that will make you gag.


GOJIRA is the next influencer rooting for Nano and the Nano blockchain. This account consistently posts about all of the various developments within the Nano blockchain. GOJIRA also provides personal opinion on the role of Nano in the industry.

4.Martin Audley

Martin Audley is well-known among Nano twitter users. He is a prominent advocate of the XNO community. His twitter is full of retweets of different Nano-related news and heated discussions, for example, here, he asked his audience about the reason why Elon Musk chose DOGE over XNO, despite the fact that the Nano blockchain is far more advanced.


NanoNerd99 is a must-follow account for everyone who wants receive an accurate feature-specific information regarding the Nano token. He also spread the word about Nano blockchain among large companies, like the time when NanoNerd99 promoted among the music streaming platforms about nano payments.

This American Nano ambassador also has a TikTok account where he promotes this cryptocurrency. 

6. Mira Hurley

Mira Hurley is one of the most powerful crypto influencers on our list. She is famous for debunking Elon Musk’s interview for Lex Fridman. In her twitter Mira expresses her opinion on Nano token. She is sure this crypto has the biggest potential to become a part of the economy of the future.

7.Nano Seagull

Considered to be one of the most prominent members of the Nano community on Twitter, Nano Seagull gives opinion on why nano is better than the traditional currencies. So, follow Nano Seagull to get a lot of exciting facts about the nano blockchain.


Taking into consideration undeniable benefits of XNO and great support of influencers on social media, this cryptocurrency is definitely worth investing. The easiest and most convenient way is to buy Nano in the 7b broker app. Use 7b, secure and anonymous crypto exchange, and enjoy low crypto trading fees.