Crypto for Dummies. Everything to know about cryptocurrencies

Most people, including you, have undoubtedly heard of cryptocurrencies but know very little about them. No matter how far from the fin-tech space your professional and personal live is, cryptocurrency is hard to avoid in 2022 .We will go over what cryptocurrency is, a few basic terms in the crypto world, where to buy it from, and how to know in which coin to invest in this crypto for beginners guide. So if you’re interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies or thinking about investing in them, keep reading to learn everything you need to know! This cryptocurrency for beginners guide will provide you with all the info you need.

Crypto for Beginners: What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are just like any other form of money. You can trade with them or use them to purchase products and services. However, they are different from the conventional paper currencies we keep in our wallets since there are no actual coins or bills; all of the money is virtual. Cryptocurrency units, which can be used to make payments or hold money anonymously, can be purchased through brokers or generated online through a process known as “mining.”

Although they are frequently portrayed as coins resembling casino chips, the physical coin has no value without the written code inside. There were over 6,000 cryptocurrencies in use at the moment and every day, more and more are launched. The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, which you may be aware of, and it is still the one that most people are familiar with. Given its achievement in gaining widespread acceptance, Bitcoin has come to serve as the standard by which all other altcoins, or “alternative currency,” are measured.

Basic terms

We’ll break down the fundamentals and the key information that every crypto novice needs to be aware of in this section of the crypto for beginners guide. 


Wallets function similarly to your digital bank accounts, and they can store various tokens. Any cryptocurrency must be held in a wallet to be traded; hence bitcoin must be kept in a bitcoin wallet. The simplest option is to create an account with an exchange that enables you to buy, trade, or sell cryptocurrencies. Even if you don’t have any cryptocurrency, you can still create a wallet for each token they trade on their platform. There are various sorts of wallets, including hardware wallets, paper wallets, desktop wallets, mobile wallets, online wallets, and mobile wallets.


In contrast to traditional stock markets, cryptocurrency exchanges operate around the clock and around the world. As a result, there are a few crucial concepts to comprehend before beginning to trade cryptocurrencies:

  • You can only purchase Bitcoin on a few exchanges using fiat money (your domestic currency, such as the US dollar).
  • Most exchanges are unregulated; you should invest at your own risk. However, this cryptocurrency investing for dummies guide will discuss the most important and basic concepts of this market so you can make smart decisions.
  • Unlike conventional stock markets, cryptocurrency exchanges are open constantly, around-the-clock, 365 days a year.


This blockchain for dummies section teaches beginners in the crypto space everything they need to know about it. So, a blockchain is basically a network of linked informational blocks. It may be helpful to consider these blocks as boxes for transactional data. Each block stores 500 cryptocurrency transactions on average. All of the blocks are joined together in a way that confirms the accuracy of the chain order. 

The information in the most recent block of data is checked before being added to the chain, and the information in the block before it is checked as well, and so on. So the blockchain is a continuous collection of information. This can make everything saved in the blockchain permanent, traceable, and unalterable. As a result, it transforms bitcoin into a highly respectable and transparent form of money.

Crypto Mining

The process of methodically computing bitcoins hoping to make money is known as cryptocurrency mining, as the word “mine” suggests. Bitcoin uses mining to update the blockchain database and confirm new transactions. The miners then use sophisticated computing equipment to examine the blocks of transactions and receive a reward in the form of bitcoin if they are the first to process the data in the block. Then, the procedure starts over. In essence, they are paid to maintain the entire system’s integrity.

Trading Cryptocurrencies

There are a few key principles to comprehend that are relatively similar to conventional stock exchanges, despite the fact that most trading interfaces on all exchanges are similar. The majority of tokens are traded against Bitcoin or Ethereum, which is the only significant distinction. It will take some getting used to, but it’s a good practice to reference the value of Bitcoin or Ethereum in addition to your local fiat currency while doing trades.

For instance, the current exchange rate for $1 USD is 0.0000432689 BTC (or Bitcoin). All exchanges that offer a token and Bitcoin as a trading pair accept buy and sell orders in relation to the price of Bitcoin. Here is a complete chart showing the units.

How to Choose What Crypto to Invest in

This cryptocurrency for beginners guide will teach you how to select the best cryptocurrency to invest in, regardless of whether you’re seeking rapid gains or coins to hold for the long term. This crypto investing for beginners guide will discuss what you need to pay attention to when looking for a coin to put your money in.

Exchange Listings

Verify that the coin that interests you is available on a reliable cryptocurrency exchange. Only coins that adhere to the tight policies of reputable crypto exchanges can benefit from exposure to millions of daily users. Therefore, it is best to conduct some research and identify potential causes if the coin is not featured on any reliable crypto exchange.


Although price matters, it shouldn’t be the primary determinant of the final choice. Due to the marketing hype and the fact that they are a “flavor of the month,” trending coins may be pricey. On the other hand, cheap coins might be dormant giants with boundless future potential. Avoid coins that exhibit sharp price increases and decreases. If you feel that anything is a pump-and-dump coin, either look into it further or follow your gut and let it go.


A market’s trading volume reveals how active it is. It shows the total value of coins moved over a specific time range, typically 24 hours on cryptocurrency exchanges. High demand for cryptocurrencies is often represented by high volume. This indicates that the market is active and that both buyers and sellers are available to fill orders.


The maximum supply, which indicates the total quantity of coins that will ever be created, varies for each cryptocurrency project. Such information is readily accessible to check and is published on cryptocurrency data aggregators like CoinMarketCap. The supply influences a coin’s value.

Market Capitalization

Crypto coins are ranked per the magnitude of their market capitalization. Market capitalization is a crucial factor to consider because it indicates a particular currency’s power. The various capitalization coins’ growth potential, risk, and return rates vary. As a result, a price increase does not always imply a higher value for the coin.

Use Cases

What does the coin hope to achieve? What is it attempting to alter or enhance? Does it actually address problems? These inquiries are typically addressed in a cryptocurrency’s whitepaper, describing how a particular coin intends to address particular issues. However, there are a lot of fake coins. Avoid initiatives whose utility is illogical or too complex to be explained even in a whitepaper since these are often warning signs.

The Roadmap

Determine the project’s goals for the future and its current degree of development. What immediate and long-term objectives have been set? When and what will they accomplish? A project’s roadmap will show you whether it has a sound business plan and how likely it is to fulfill its commitments.


Any cryptocurrency project’s community and fan base are crucial to its success. Strong support is a sign of sincere interest and trust, so communities act as project ambassadors and even assist in its development.

Where to buy cryptocurrencies

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In conclusion, cryptocurrencies are fascinating new inventions representing the financial industry’s future. To participate in the future, the independent individual needs to become proficient in them as well as to own them. This cryptocurrency for beginners guide contains all the information a novice in the field requires to make decisions. Follow this crypto for beginners handbook to start your journey in the cryptocurrency world. Which approach is eventually employed, relies on your judgement, experience, and level of expertise.

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