High Five for the Hive! Learn how to trade it

The Hive blockchain is a global platform on which any social projects can be hosted, from ordinary social networks to video hosting sites with a unique opportunity to directly monetize the created content.

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What is Hive? 

Hive is an open source decentralized blockchain for Web3. The blockchain was born in March 2020. The platform provides a scalable blockchain protocol for creating publicly accessible and immutable content, as well as a fast and commission-free digital token (HIVE) that allows people to earn cryptocurrency using their intellectual abilities. In this case, we are talking about the unique content being created, which can naturally be created only thanks to some unique knowledge or talents. The developers call it “Proof-of-Brain” – proof of intelligence. The two main components of this protocol are the blockchain itself and the native token of the system. They depend on each other to ensure the security, immutability and durability of the system and are therefore an integral part of each other’s existence.

The most significant advantages of the project are:

  • The complete absence of censorship, which has now overwhelmed almost all popular resources.
  • The second feature is in the participants themselves. Users are divided into two categories: those who earn money, and those who just watch the work. In fact, you can easily move from one category to another. To do this, you need to become an active member of the network and publish ‘posts’ (parent posts) or comments (child posts). That’s just the standard posts will not bring any profit. The content must be unique and interesting in order to be voted for.
  • There is no spam, mailings, or even bots distributing advertising on the platform. But at the same time, the project manages to attract new customers and improve the quality of the content offered.
  • There are no commission fees for transactions in the Hive blockchain.
  • The level of network security is also not much inferior to other cryptocurrencies.
  • Hive has 3 second blocks. Even when there are a lot of transactions, they still get processed as scheduled without delay

HIVE Exchange vs. Investing

While exchanging and investing HIVE might both be beneficial, we’d like to show you the differences of those methods, so that you could decide which one suits your interests more.

The core difference of the above-mentioned attitudes is into the time frame used by the trader – in case of exchanging traders swap their assets regularly during the day, using different methodologies, including tech analysis and so on, while investing presupposes long-term strategies.

Another difference of exchanging and investing HIVE is the possible income. While traders might benefit more than investors, they might also lose more, in case they choose a wrong strategy.

Unpredictable incomePredictable income
High riskMedium risk
Requires skillRequires money

Why to exchange Hive?

Traders who want to invest their funds profitably can consider HIVE as such a tool for a number of reasons:

  • Having appeared in March 2020, HIVE quickly began to gain popularity and within a week of trading, quotes soared from $0.2 to $0.9 per coin.
  • The cryptocurrency is steadily growing in price. Like many assets, HIVE is prone to volatility, but with an upward trend.
  • HIVE is a direct competitor to STEEM. The price of its competitor STEEM is also about the same, although the coin has been trading since 2016. In such a short period, HIVE has almost already caught up with STEEM in terms of market capitalization. 

As of August 8, 2022, the price of HIVE is $0,6 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $15 329 548 USD. Given the youth of the project, it has already shown good prospects and it will be a reasonable decision to diversify your crypto portfolio with the HIVE coin.

Where to trade HIVE? 

Immediately after the separation from Steem, the coin has already passed the listing procedure on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex, ProBit and BlockTrades. Today, you can also trade HIVE using such reputable platforms as: 

Where to trade HIVE
  • 7b crypto broker app – one of the most secure and transparent platforms for trading HIVE and many other (400+) cryptocurrencies.
  • Binance – provides users with high security, a reliable wallet for storage, and a variety of trading tools for profitable trading.
  • Huobi – a convenient platform with a large selection of financial instruments. Fees are not fixed and depend on the coin and volume.
Where to trade cryptocurrency

How to trade HIVE using the 7b crypto broker app? 

7b provides its users with convenient and useful financial instruments. On the platform, you can easily track the current HIVE course. In order to buy or sell, you need to:

  1. Log in to your 7b account.
  2. Choose a pair for trading, for example, BTC/HIVE, or another available cryptocurrency.
  3. Enter the transaction amount.
  4. Consummate a transaction.


Is HIVE a good investment? 

Yes, in just a week of trading since the launch, the HIVE cryptocurrency was able to increase in price by 3.5%. Already today, HIVE’s quotes are on the same level as its opponent STEEM. Despite the fact that the project was launched only a year ago, the crypto asset showed a nice uptrend. 

How do I invest in HIVE? 

You can invest in HIVE via many cryptocurrency exchange platforms, such as Bittrix, Binance, 7b, Huobi, and others. To make a purchase, you need to: top up your balance, select a trading pair, and transfer the desired amount. Withdraw HIVE to your wallet and store it until the price increases.

How to trade HIVE for beginners? 

Beginners often face financial losses, as they trust false sources of information. To eliminate this risk as much as possible, you need to conduct your own research and analyze the market. On 7b, you can track the HIVE price directly in your account. To start trading: verify your account, top up your balance, select a trading pair, and enter the amount you need.

How to buy HIVE cryptocurrency? 

On 7b, you can buy profitably and safely. The platform is absolutely transparent in terms of transaction fees. To purchase, you must have a verified account and funds on it, select a pair for trading, and transfer funds.

What is Hive Blockchain? 

Hive is a decentralized social information exchange network for Web3. It is the result of a Steem hard fork. Provides users with three-second and fee-less transactions.

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