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The Graph is a kind of information bridge between DApps and blockchain data. The project makes a significant contribution to the development of the DeFi industry, providing accessibility, reliability, as well as security. We suggest you take a closer look at the platform and decide whether it is worth investing in GRT.

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What is Graph (GRT)? 

The Graph (GRT) – is a distributed protocol for indexing and searching information in blockchains. The solution that The Graph offers is to create indexes (“subgraphs”), which can then be queried using the GraphQL API tool. It is based on the Open-source implementation of Graph Node. 

The Graph platform is designed to organize a comfortable search for the necessary information in the Ethereum blockchain and other networks. The so-called Subgraph Manifest is used for indexing. This is a kind of instruction regarding what information about smart contacts and events a subgraph must contain in order to be recorded in the database. The Graph node scans the entire database of the chain, composes and filters the information, leaving only those that relate to the user’s request. The GraphQL mechanism provides a link between the blockchain data and the application to which a person seeks to transfer it.

What is the Graph

Why should I exchange Graph?

Before you buy GRT coins, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the reasons why your investment can significantly increase:

  • The Graph is trying to build an information bridge between blockchain data and decentralized applications, so the platform is a promising and extremely demanded tool.
  • The Graph already supports about 10 networks, and with the expansion of this list, the value of the GRT internal currency will only grow.

As of August 12, 2021, the GRT price is approximately $0.8, and the project’s market capitalization reaches $3,987,041,262. The minimum asset price as of December 17, 2020 was $0.1. The maximum GRT price as of February 12, 2021 was $2.88.

Where to trade Graph? 

At the moment, GRT has been listed on many reputable exchanges. The list of the best GRT trading platforms includes:

  • Binance – an exchange provides a large selection of trading pairs, a multilingual interface, and an extensive set of tools for market analysis.

    Daily withdrawal limit: 0.06 BTC (without KYC).
  • FTX – an exchange provides a large arsenal for professional trading (futures, options, prediction markets, and more).

Daily withdrawal limit: 0 BTC (without KYC).

  • 7b – a reliable broker that enables traders with more than 300 cryptocurrencies for trading in a safe and convenient manner. 

Daily withdrawal limit: 2 BTC (without KYC).

Where to trade cryptocurrency

How to trade Graph using the 7b crypto broker app? 

On 7b, you can not only easily and quickly trade GRT, but also track its price directly in the application. The broker is an excellent companion for novice traders who find it difficult to understand the complex interface of crypto exchanges. Using 7b, you can trade GRT in just a few clicks:

  1. Install 7b crypto broker app.
  2. Open the 7b app and enter the passcode.
  3. Transfer the funds to your account, if you have not already done so.
  4. Navigate to the trading section and enter GRT in the search bar.
  5. Enter how many GRT coins you want to buy.
  6. Click the “Buy” button to place a market order.

Graph Exchange 

Where to exchange GRT? 

To exchange GRT, you can use brokers and swap platforms. Both services are extremely intuitive and easy to use, but there are still a number of differences:


Pros Cons 
More coins to exchangeCustodial service
Better security
There are no limits

Swap platform:

Pros Cons
Anonymity is betterLimits
Fixed and best ratesLess coins to exchange 
Non-custodial service

Among the best swap platforms in addition to 7b crypto broker are: 

  • Changelly. The platform was launched in 2015, at the moment there are 170 coins available for exchange.

Service fee: 0.25%.

  • ChangeNOW. The team of the platform are high-class blockchain developers. 170 coins are available.

Service fee: included in the exchange rate.

  • SimpleSwap. The platform’s partners are the most reputable and reliable exchanges. More than 300 coins are available.

Service fee: included in the exchange rate.

  • Swapzone – a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator where one can compare exchange rates, analyze and swap cryptocurrency in just one interface.

Service fee: included in the exchange rate.

What to know before exchanging Graph? 

The 7b team strongly recommends you to adhere the following tips:

  1. Check the fees charged in advance. Usually this information can be found on the platform’s website in the “FAQ” section.
  2. Compare the exchange rate of different services.
  3. Study the reviews not on the platform itself, but on the reliable resources.
  4. Enter the recipient’s address very carefully.

How to buy Graph for fiat? 

In order to make a fiat-to-GRT purchase you can use a reliable Kraken exchange. To make a purchase, you need to: 

  1. Create an account and pass the verification process.
  2. Deposit a fiat currency.
  3. Navigate to the purchase section and select GRT.
  4. Enter the amount.
  5. Confirm the transaction.

Another way to buy GRT is to buy with cryptocurrency. To do this, you can use a platform with support for a fiat gateway, for example, CoinGate, Changelly, and others. On the platform you need to buy, for example USD/ETH. Then use 7b to trade ETH/GRT.

Graph token use cases 

The GRT token of the ERC20 standard is necessary to control the distribution of resources in The Graph system. There are three types of participants in The Graph: curators, delegates, indexers who are responsible for the operation of the network. For this, they are rewarded with GRT coins.


Is Graph a good investment? 

Given the popularity of the DeFi space today, it becomes obvious that it is extremely important for developers to have free access to blockchain data. Thanks to this, interest in The Graph will grow rapidly, which will significantly affect the value of the coin.

How do I invest in Graph? 

In order to invest your free fiat funds, you can use the Kraken exchange. Alternatively, you can make a crypto-to-crypto purchase on 7b. Transfer the existing cryptocurrency to your account, select GRT for purchase, fill in the input fields, place a market order.

How to trade GRT for beginners? 

Take the time to learn the basics of technical analysis. Study the charts, basic indicators, and basic patterns. This knowledge will help you to better see and understand the events taking place at the moment in the market. But if you already want to start trading without extra effort, use 7b. Create an account, top up the balance, select a trading pair, place a market order.

What is Graph Blockchain?

The Graph (GRT) is a decentralized and open protocol for indexing data from the blockchain, operating on the Ethereum blockchain. Developers can create and publish various APIs, which are called “subgraphs” and execute queries via GraphQL.

How high will the Graph crypto go?

According to the analysis of Wallet Investor, GRT is more suitable for short-term trading, while within long-term the price might drop down.

However, always do your own research, while the information about should not be considered a financial advice.

Who owns the Graph Crypto?

The Graph was founded in 2018 by Yaniv Tal, Jannis Pohlmann and Brandon Ramirez.

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