What is the difference between a broker and an exchange?

When dealing with cryptocurrency we come across two types of platforms, an exchange or a broker. It is a common practice to get confused in crypto broker vs exchange. Especially for beginners who have just stabbed the cryptocurrency market, it is essential to learn the difference between a crypto exchange and a broker before making any move.

Dealing with cryptocurrency requires technical wit therefore a basic education of the related terms can help a lot. If you are considering the option to trade you will have to deal with brokers more often than the exchanges. On the other hand, investments and forex trading require you to have in-depth knowledge of the exchange.

Cryptocurrency exchange vs broker

The difference between a cryptocurrency broker and an exchange

If one takes a deep dive in the sea it will be crystal clear that the often thought similar terms are opposite to each other. A broker is a commission holder and can be an application or website working as a beneficiary to ease out the process of crypto trading. These applications handle all the paperwork, manage the fluctuating rates and charge a minimal fee for their services. You can trade cryptocurrencies from their platforms at their specified rates.

Exchange on the other hand is a platform that helps you trade currencies according to the current market values. While working with an exchange you have to buy your own assets, handle the paperwork, and sell them yourself. Many people prefer this liberty and independence provided by these exchanges.

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What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

What is an exchange and a broker, is a commonly asked question among beginners, and to know clearly they should be researched separately. A cryptocurrency exchange allows you to buy or sell cryptocurrency at the going rate to earn a profit.

You can buy currency through them and hold it for longer periods and sell when you hit the targeted asset value. You can also bid for values here and that is the major crypto exchange vs broker difference. You can bid on your own rates but the purchase will only be completed when any buyer shows interest in your specified rate. Certain exchange applications, however, set a specific exchange rate according to past records and volatility of the market prices. You particularly come across two types of exchanges, a centralized and decentralized exchange.

When you deal with a centralized cryptocurrency exchange broker you find fixed exchange rates that are set by a governing organization. All terms and conditions are already set including how much information you need to share, limits of withdrawal and investment, and which currencies can be traded. Then you have the decentralized broker online exchange in which no governing body is involved and the rules and regulations are specified through short-term contracts. You may also choose to use the same contract for many people and over a long period of time but it all depends on the market and consumer trends.

What is a crypto broker?

Cryptocurrency broker

To have a clear understanding of the concept of cryptocurrency broker and exchange you must know what a broker is along with knowing about the exchange. A clear difference helps in choosing the right option to aim at larger earnings.

A broker in simple words is a middleman or a platform between traders or investors and the market. Many exchanges have their own brokers commonly referred to as cryptocurrency exchange brokers. With a broker, you do not have to buy or own an asset, and therefore, trading through them reduces the risk factor. A broker is especially suggested if you are taking the first step towards crypto trading.

A currency exchange broker specifies or locks an amount known as the margin or leverage and provides you with some trading rights through his account. The earning process differs in a broker and an exchange in the fact that while using a broker app you do not have to trade or deal with the complexities yourself. Different brokers however offer you different facilities depending upon their designed area of expertise such as there are different brokers for social trading platforms and dealing with different currencies.

Key differences between a cryptocurrency exchange and a broker

Let us focus on some of the key differences we can see while working with a crypto broker or an exchange.

Cryptocurrency BrokerCryptocurrency Exchange
A Cryptocurrency broker acts as a facilitator between the market and the buyer or seller.An Exchange Allows you to directly interact with the buyer or seller for investment or trading.
With a broker app, you don’t have to essentially trade or invest yourself.While working with an exchange you will have to carry out all the processes yourself.
It is best when you need to deal with cryptocurrencies only.An exchange can be used to work both with fiat or cryptocurrencies or interchange between them when required
A broker is an advisable platform for beginners who want to earn some extra profits and want to keep the risk factor as low as possible.An exchange should be handled by a pro or expert cryptocurrency dealers to avoid losses due to not being able to understand the market trends

You can either go with an exchange or a broker depending upon the amount of risk you can handle and the trading limit as well as criteria. If you want to earn larger profits over a longer period of time and have experience there is no harm in going with exchange platforms. However, if you lack basic knowledge and are new to cryptocurrency, trading with a broker is the safest option. Your trading strategy and goals are the most decisive factors in opting for a broker or an exchange.

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