7b Android Crypto App Review!

You want access to cryptocurrency at all times, which is why there are so many crypto app Android offerings. The best crypto track app for Android will not only track cryptocurrencies but also serve as a broker, letting you trade directly from the app. 7b meets both of these goals.

What’s the 7b Crypto Broker App? 

The 7b app serves as your crypto broker. Think of it as an easier-to-use alternative to the best crypto exchange app for Android.

Features of 7b App

Trading with 7b gives you access to more than 2,000 currency pairs, thanks to its connection to Binance. If you can trade a coin on Binance, you can do so on 7b. This makes it among the crypto exchange app Android options with the greatest variety of cryptos and pairs. 

One of the standout features that make this the best crypto exchange app for Android is its ease of use. Unlike some overly complicated exchanges or those that make it hard to find the needed information, everything is intuitive on the 7b app. You just get the trading tools you need and want without distracting frills, along with extra convenience features, like the ability to have favorite coins. 

The 7b app is versatile enough to serve as a broker or just a cryptocurrency tracker app for Android. You can use it to keep an eye on prices. Then, if you need one of the Android apps to buy cryptocurrency, you are already set as you have 7b on your phone. 

Where to trade cryptocurrency

Compared to an exchange, a crypto portfolio app for Android like 7b is less likely to be a target of a cybersecurity attack. This increases the safety of your crypto, so you can rest easy. 

You also do not have to worry about your private information. That is because 7b does not require KYC, not even if you withdraw up to 2 Bitcoin per day. 

You also get transparency in terms of the fees. You will see any commissions from the start, right on this cryptocurrency app for Android. 

To top it all off, this is one of the rare crypto tracker app Android options that offers 24/7 customer service, right in the app. 

Try 7b Crypto App!

When you are ready to use this crypto trading app for Android, just download 7b to your smartphone. Use it to view prices on the minimalistic design. Then, buy and sell crypto with ease. The order forms are simple yet complete, with your choice of crypto and the ability to input amounts.

When you are ready to try 7b and start using the best Android app to trade cryptocurrency, download the best Android app to trade crypto.