Emerge into Verge. Top 5 XVG Influencers

Cryptocurrency has become an increasingly popular investment over the past several years. If you’re planning to invest in Verge or any other digital currency, you should be aware of exactly what you’re getting yourself into before you do so. 

What is verge?

Verge, or the XVG coin, is a digital currency created for daily use. It includes vergePay, a system to accept simplified digital payments. Founded in 2014, Verge prioritizes user privacy and anonymity. People can use the coin in their everyday lives since it is based on a decentralized, open-source network that improves upon Bitcoin’s blockchain technology.

In addition to offering fast transactions, high circulating volumes, and support across multiple platforms, the Verge cryptocurrency is also known for its low transaction fees.

How does Verge work?

Verge’s technology enables it to create a truly decentralised, private, and accessible cryptocurrency. With the help of The Onion Router (TOR), the network protects its users’ identities.

The TOR network blurs IP addresses by encrypting information and sending it to multiple devices. Upon reaching its final destination, the device will be able to decrypt the information, but not determine its original IP address. Verge’s wallets incorporate TOR, so there is no single point that can pinpoint a transaction’s source or destination.

With dual key “stealth address” technology, Verge is able to provide their users with an extra layer of protection. The user can send multiple payments to different addresses even though they were directed to the same one. With stealth addresses, transactions become even more private and obscure.

The Verge has also implemented Atomic Swaps onto ins network allowing peer-to-peer trading across different blockchains.

With Verge, users no longer have to rely on traditional centralized exchanges. Verge said on its website: “By enabling Atomic Swaps capability, Verge takes a proactive step towards a decentralized future.”

Best Verge Influencers

If you are genuinely curious about the Verge project and want to remain as up-to-date as possible, you definitely should follow these 5 twitter influencers.

Mark Wittenberg

As the project’s Business Development Strategist, Mark Wittenberg will give you detailed overlook of everything you need to know about the Verge project. His Twitter page contains regular news about the project and he also has one of the largest audiences in the Verge community. At the time of writing, he has over 238,000 followers, making him a well-liked figure among Verge educators.


It is TranXVG’s belief that not only holding but also using XVG is the right way to roll in the crypto industry. Since XVG is a perfect currency for daily transactions, it is impossible to disagree with him. His tweets radiate with kindness and onpoint proficiency. Get your portion of great mood by simply following him.


Another prominent supporter and core member of Verge is CityBoi. He believes that Verge is revolutionising global transfer of money for the people, by the people. He states that this crypto provides fast, low-cost transactions over its own blockchain using native coin XVG. Follow his account for the latest Verge-centric news and updates.


AlexanDreEderer is a CEO of Note Blockchain, which is a social media platform, as well as a marketing strategist. An he is also known as an influencer and supporter of XVG, sharing information and insights about this secure and user-friendly digital currency. Some even call him the “Official XVG Ninja.”

Maria Dias

The next prominent member of the Verge community is Maria Dias. In her twitter account, Maria builts awareness by providing the basic information about XVG and comparing it to other cryptocurrencies.  


The Verge project and its native currency, XVG, gained an immense support of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Users are attracted by Verge’s security and openness, as it’s completely decentralized and community driven.

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