Firsthand XNO News. Top 7 Nano Influencers

When it comes to crypto market, blockchain enthusiasts that share their opinion and insights may have strong influence on cryptocurrency users. Crypto influencers are strong supporters of anything cryptocurrency, and while they are doing so, they also getting more minds involved into the business.  And their audience tend to follow advices of crypto opinion makers. … Read more

Introducing 7B Referral Program

Making traders profitable is one of the goals of 7B. It does this by providing a platform where people can easily and safely trade their cryptocurrencies. 7B users can, in addition to buying and selling crypto, manage their portfolios and monitor price changes to make winning trades. Now, 7B is stepping up this profitability goal … Read more

Crypto for Dummies. Everything to know about cryptocurrencies

Most people, including you, have undoubtedly heard of cryptocurrencies but know very little about them. No matter how far from the fin-tech space your professional and personal live is, cryptocurrency is hard to avoid in 2022 .We will go over what cryptocurrency is, a few basic terms in the crypto world, where to buy it … Read more

All you Need to Know About Crypto Trading APIs

crypto trading api

In a world where crypto adoption continues to rise, the need to access the ever-expanding market is dire now more than ever. Crypto trading APIs have quickly emerged as one of the tools fast-tracking this traction, and aiding trades. What is Crypto Trading API? API is short for an application programming interface. In the case … Read more