How to trade ICP Tokens?

Internet Computer (ICP) is a cryptocurrency developed and launched by the DFINITY Foundation. It is built on blockchain technology that operates at the web speed without bandwidth restrictions. Within 2 days from the moment of its appearance on the cryptocurrency market on May 10, the ICP quotes rose to $737. In this review, we will describe the main distinctive features of the project, analyze the price rate, and tell you where it is best to trade ICP. 

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What is an Internet Computer (ICP)?

What is ICP?

Internet Computers are a unique blockchain with no bandwidth restrictions. It scales calculations, smart contract information and runs them at the speed of the Internet. Its functions also include data processing and storage, as well as providing developers with a powerful environment for software development. The main feature of ICP is the Network Nervous System (NNS) which allows to build DeFi and Dapps capable of operating on a hyper-scale. The network is based on a new decentralized protocol called the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). This protocol combines the collective computing power of a large number of computer nodes to create a single unified computer platform capable of supporting applications of any scale and complexity. 

Why should I trade ICP?

ICP is a new project, so traders tend to be afraid of this cryptocurrency. Let’s consider why it is worth trading ICP: 

  • In the first days of its appearance, the cost of ICP jumped from 0 to $737, after which the exchange rate sank, which is typical for new blockchain projects. Therefore, now is the best time to buy ICP coins to earn on exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Over the past months, the ICP price has been relatively stable. There are no sharp drops in the cost. And given the previous growth, we can expect that the price will increase with the development of the project.
  • By providing solutions to current blockchain issues, ICP attracts the attention of many well-known investors. This has a positive effect on the capitalization of the project, making ICP a reliable financial instrument.

At the time of writing the review (20 July, 2021), the price of the cryptocurrency is at the level of $28 per coin. The ICP market capitalization is $3,916,720,627. The situation with the ICP rate is standard, so after a sharp jump, the price stabilizes, and then rises again.

Where to trade ICP?

Carefully study the fees, payment methods, and the interface of the platform before you start trading on it. Currently, the ICP is available on such crypto trading platforms as: 

  • Binance – a multi-language exchange with a worldwide reputation. The fee is a record low 0.1%, with the possibility of decreasing using the native BNB token.
  • OKEx – a well-known exchange with a good reputation. Users can trade both instant and pending orders.
  • 7b – a reliable broker that provides a high-quality service. A wide selection of trading tools, high security, and an intuitive interface.
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How to trade ICP using the 7b crypto broker app?

In order to start trading on 7b, first of all you need to install the application and create an account. Complete 2-step verification to protect your data and funds. Transfer funds to your balance using the available payment methods. Then everything is extremely simple:

  1. Enter the IPC in the search bar.
  2. Set the transaction details.
  3. Place a market order.
  4. Wait for the funds to be credited to your account.


Is ICP a good investment?

ICP cryptocurrency in the first days of its trading broke into the top of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. It immediately reached the price of $737, then the price stabilized. If you have free funds, adding a coin to your portfolio is an excellent solution.

How do I invest in ICP?

To invest in ICP, you need to choose the right moment (as now) and a reliable trading platform. Create a verified account, transfer funds from your wallet to your account, select ICP in the list, set the transaction amount.

How to trade ICP for beginners?

To avoid possible losses, diversify your portfolio correctly. This way, there are more chances not to lose funds if one of the assets sinks. Log in to your 7b account, select a trading pair (for example, BTC/ICP), set the amount, and confirm the order.

What is the Internet Computer Blockchain? 

Internet Computer is a cryptocurrency and an open source platform for collective computing. The main task is to build a modern Internet capable of accepting applications of almost any scale, from simple smart contracts and DeFi applications to industry-wide platforms and corporate systems.

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