How to exchange Decred?

Every year there are more and more cryptocurrencies that want to displace Bitcoin. Decred is one of them and seems to be going in the right direction, given the incredible price growth over the past year. What Decred offers and what its features are, let’s look further.

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What is Decred (DCR)? 

Decred (DCR) is an open-source cryptocurrency that is distinguished by a unique system of collective management and decision-making. It uses a hybrid Proof-of-Work+Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, which allows it to achieve a high level of network reliability and security. The developers of Decred focus on equal management based on voting and allowing to minimize hard forks.

Thanks to the implemented hybrid consensus mechanism, the Decred cryptocurrency is characterized by a high level of decentralization. The hybridity of the platform mechanism creates harmonious working conditions for both users and miners. The system provides cross-chain exchange between different cryptocurrencies. The technology was called “atomic swaps”. In addition to the hybrid consensus algorithm, the network also functions with the help of Lighting Network smart contracts. Decred is a self-financing project. So the following principle applies in the network: 60% of each block of reward is received by miners, 30% is received by stakeholders, and 10% is sent to the Decred Treasury. 

How to exchange Decred?

Why should I exchange Decred?

Whether Decred is a good trading tool, decide for yourself, paying attention to the following:

  • The coin has been successfully trading since 2016, and 2021 turned out to be extremely favorable for the project, the coin updated it’s all time high, and reached a new price level.
  • Over the past year, the price of DCR has soared by 850%. Given such growth rates, analysts, for example, DigitalCoin predicts reaching the $250 mark by the end of 2021.

As of August 26, 2021, the coin is worth $166.75, the market cap is $2,209,651,232. The minimum price as of December 28, 2016 was $0.3. The maximum price on April 17, 2021 was $250.

How much DCR will be worth?

According to the analytical review of Wallet Investor, DCR will suit for both long-term and short-term investments, while the price of the asset will constantly grow.

Simply put, $100 invested in DCR in 2021 might grow up to $593 in 2026.

At the same time we encourage our readers to do their own research, as far as the information given above is not a financial advice.

Where to trade Decred? 

DCR coins can be traded on most crypto exchanges and brokers. The list of which includes:

  • Binance – an exchange with a deservedly high trust rating, high security, a huge range of trading tools, and coins for trading.

Trading pairs: ~2000. 

  • Huobi – a crypto exchange is characterized by high security, and a multifunctional trading terminal.

Trading pairs: ~1000. 

  • 7b – a crypto broker is great for novice traders due to its intuitive design, has favorable trading conditions, and supports all coins available on Binance.

Trading pairs: ~2000. 

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How to exchange Decred to Ethereum?

Exchanging DCR for the first time might be a rather complicated task for a beginner. To avoid mistakes, follow the provided step-by-step instruction:

Step 1. Log in to your crypto exchange account

Step 2. Search DCR/ETH exchange pair

Step 3. Enter the necessary amount of DCR

Step 4. Confirm the exchange operation

Step 5. Receive DCR

How to trade Decred using the 7b crypto broker app? 

Using the 7b crypto broker is the best way to trade DCR and many other cryptocurrencies. 7b has a high level of security, a clear and simple interface, a wide selection of coins and trading pairs, as well as efficient technical support. Follow these steps to trade DCR:

  1. Set up a 7b account.
  2. Transfer funds for trading.
  3. Choose a cryptocurrency to trade with.
  4. Specify the desired amount.
  5. Click “Buy” to place a market order.

Decred Exchange 

Where to exchange DCR? 

Swaps between different cryptocurrencies can be made through numerous exchange services. Choosing from such, brokers and instant exchangers stand out in matters of simplicity and convenience. You can choose a service that suits you according to the following characteristics:


Pros Cons
SecurityThe exchange may take a little longer
A variety of exchange pairs
Exchange of large amounts

Instant exchanger:

Pros Cons
PrivacySacrifices security in favor of anonymity
Fixed exchange rate

Reliable exchangers include:

  • ChangeNOW – an easy to use exchanger that features a fast exchange (usually no more than 2 minutes).

Fee: is included in the exchange rate.

  • SimpleSwap – a reliable exchanger, with its own SWAP coin, and a Loyalty Program.

Fee: is included in the exchange rate.

  • Swapzone – a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator where one can compare exchange rates, analyze and swap cryptocurrency in just one interface.

Fee: is included in the exchange rate.

  • StealthEX – an anonymous exchanger that allows you to swap any amount you want.

Fee: is included in the exchange rate.

What to know before exchanging Decred? 

Follow the recommendations to swap DCR without losses:

  1. Choose an exchange platform based on reviews, the duration of its existence, and the list of supported coins.
  2. Each platform indicates that they have the best exchange rate. Check it out, enter the amount and the service will automatically calculate how much you will receive.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask all the technical support questions you are interested in. Also, pay attention to the speed and completeness of the response.
  4. Remember that the service will not work at a loss, so be wary if there are no fees and a high exchange rate.
  5. Enter all the data very carefully, one mistake in the wallet address and your funds are lost.

How to buy Decred for fiat? 

When choosing a platform with support for a fiat gateway, make sure that it has a good reputation, the currencies you need, and also find out the minimum and maximum purchase amount. One of the reliable services is Changelly, where in order to buy DCR you just need to:

  1. Fill in the empty fields: specify the fiat currency, cryptocurrency, amount.
  2. Choose a payment method and a fiat provider.
  3. Enter the wallet address.
  4. Confirm your identity and get your DCR.

Decred token use cases 

Decred use cases

DCR is an internal cryptocurrency of the Decred network, which is the fuel of the entire system, and performs the following functions:

  • Payment of fees for transactions on the network. Thanks to the Lightning Network protocol transactions are characterized by high speed and low cost.
  • Reward miners and validators in the network. The project uses a hybrid POW/PoS consensus mechanism.
  • Replenishment of the project treasury. 10% of each block reward is sent to the Decred Treasury.
  • Holders of DCR coins can participate in the voting regarding the project governance. Users can block the required amount of coins and get a ticket for voting. Voting on more global issues takes place on a specially created platform Politiea.


Is Decred a good investment? 

Yes, the DCR coin has every chance to break out into the leaders of the crypto market. Judging by the price chart and analysts’ forecasts, DCR is a profitable investment. Over the year, the coin has risen in price by more than 800%, and according to forecasts, the price will reach $250 by the end of 2021.

How do I invest in Decred? 

Pay close attention to the price chart and wait for the best moment and the optimal price to buy a DCR. Top up your 7b balance, select DCR to trade with, enter the purchase amount, and confirm the transaction. Withdraw your DCR coins to a reliable wallet and wait for the right moment to sell.

How to trade DCR for beginners? 

Set the optimal stop loss and take profit levels for yourself and do not follow the opinion of dubious sources. Analyze the price chart, daily trading volume, and news about project upgrades. Create a 7b account, transfer cryptocurrency for trading with DCR, specify the desired amount, and confirm the transaction.

What is Decred Blockchain? 

Decred (DCR) is a self-funded, decentralized, open source cryptocurrency. The goal of the project is to create a cryptocurrency that works independently, develops and changes according to the vote of miners and cryptocurrency holders. The network has a hybrid POW/PoS consensus algorithm.

How safe is Decred?

The native coin of Decred – DCR, is an absolutely safe asset, both suitable for long-term and short-term investments. The guarantee of DCR security also comes from the platforms listed it – Binance,, 7b. 

How do I invest in Decred?

To invest in Decred (DCR) one should first exchange fiat money on DCR. The operation can be made via an exchange or swap platforms. Afterwards the sum should be sent either to wallet or a broker account.

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