How to smartly invest in cryptocurrency?

There are many different ways to invest money, one of the most well-known methods is through cryptocurrency or digitized currency. Though it just became known among people, its popularity has increased tremendously among investors and traders over the past couple of years.

The issue that arises with the existence of plenty of digitized currency is that it makes it harder to decide which currency to smartly invest in, keeping in mind the extreme volatility that the crypto market experiences. Though these fluctuations can add to the risk for investors and traders, this could also potentially lead them to profitable gain. That being said, this article discusses all the ways an investor can smartly invest in cryptocurrency by lessening the chances of risk despite it being a risk-filled market.

What’s cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. Many cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology—a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers.

In simple words, cryptocurrency is defined as a digitized currency that utilizes cryptographic encryption and is entirely running based on blockchain. With the help of the encryption it uses, it becomes hard for people to copy cryptocurrency. The main and primary objective that crypto has to offer is decentralization, what this leads to is that the chances of them having any interference or manipulation are very less. Cryptocurrency has gradually emerged as a solid replacement for the complex and complicated traditional banking system that has frustrated the business community over the years.

Regardless, it is no doubt that cryptocurrency is said to be riskier as compared to traditional currencies. This fact roots in the lack of government support that cryptocurrency has and precious metals as well. These factors are present with the traditional currency. Among the hundreds of different cryptocurrencies, the most well-known and popular ones are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Even though there are many other options as well and many more are starting to be announced, these two are every investor’s main choice.

Where to trade cryptocurrency

How to store crypto?

What is cryptocurrency

Crypto can be stored with the help of crypto wallets. These wallets keep all the keys that are used to get control over the crypto and move them around blockchain. There are a few types of wallets:

  • Mobile wallet

These types of wallets are considered to be very convenient as they work through an app on a phone. With it being easily accessible, transactions can be done in a matter of a few clicks.

  • Webonline wallet

Webonline wallets are considered to have the easiest access as they work through the cloud and are available through a location.

  • Desktop/Software wallet

These are downloadable platforms allowing one to either send or receive crypto.

  • Hardware wallet

These are devices that work to store all the keys, they are a bit on the pricier side but have many advantages.

Why should I invest in cryptocurrency?

  • It is considered to be one of, if not the most secure methods that can be utilized to transfer money in terms of remittances and peer-to-peer transactions.
  • It plays a role of a third person, keeps a record of values as well as an account
  • It can also be utilized against inflation if utilized as a hedging tool.
  • It is completely separated from the government’s rules and regulations, where traditional currencies have the involvement of banks and other third parties who can modify and control its value.
  • The owner has all the power while making decisions regarding their funds and does not involve any sort of third party
  • It has a broad audience. It is bought by retail investors to bigger authorities like banks, companies and many countries are actively taking part in digitized currency.
  • The crypto market’s value has gone through the roof by a huge $1 trillion.

A guide to investing in crypto

Start with the Research

The first step is to get familiar with crypto. Before deciding to start spending money on it, it is imperative that one fully knows what they are getting into. They should first start with basic research work. This can be done with the help of the internet and go through thousands of articles or take a course that is available online.

Preliminary Tips

Before diving into cryptocurrencies, few steps should be kept in mind.

  • Investments should be done based on one’s affordability levels.  
  • refrain from borrowing money to proceed with an investment. 
  • keep a check that the investment that is being made is thorough.
  • Keep realistic goals.
  • Measure the chances of risks.

How Much To Invest?

It is highly advised to put forth smaller investments in the initial days. Taking smaller steps helps with the money. Bitcoin can be divided up into 8 decimals, hence one should start small in the beginning to minimize the risks of major losses.

Buying the Cryptocurrency of Your Choice

Guide on buying cryptocurrency

A beginner needs to keep looking at the prices and values of the different cryptocurrencies. What this will do is that it will give a clearer and better idea of the persistency of a specific currency and help with understanding the market competition. Such apps guide the user in screening the value of crypto. After thorough research, one can easily decide which crypto to invest in.

Looking For a Suitable Exchange Platform

After this is done, the next step is to look at a suitable exchange platform. It is advised to select the exchange based on the size of one’s investment, the crypto that is being used, and is available in the user’s region.

Choosing the Right Wallet

After one is done investing, the next step should be to select a wallet. There are four different types. The user can choose whichever one suits them the best.

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