How to exchange Waves

Many experts consider Waves one of the most promising, but undervalued cryptocurrencies, but over the past year, interest in the project has increased many times. In today’s review, we will analyze the main characteristics of Waves, the purpose of the token, and its prospects.

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What is Waves (WAVES)? 

Waves (WAVES) – is a multifunctional blockchain ecosystem that allows users to solve real problems in a variety of areas. This project is designed to provide a secure and easy way to store, trade, manage and create your own digital assets. For work, light software clients with a simple interface are used.

Waves provides everything you need for backend development of Web 3.0 services, including an intuitive and user-friendly UX, including IDE, code plugins, nodes, Oracle manager, and APIs. The Waves team also developed a unique smart contract language Ride for building decentralized applications. The project has its own decentralized exchange for the exchange of digital tokens and fiat currency. The project has its own Waves DEX for the exchange of digital tokens and fiat currency. The Waves system operates on an advanced Proof-of-Stake model, where users can lease their tokens to full nodes, thereby servicing the network. In return, they receive a certain percentage of the node’s reward.

What is Waves (WAVES)? 

Why should I exchange Waves?

Waves is an extremely promising, but undervalued cryptocurrency, which is worth looking at for the following reasons: 

  • Users who want to issue new tokens need to have a certain amount of WAVES coins, given that the process is much easier, cheaper, and faster than on Ethereum, the demand for the coin will grow.
  • Interest in DEX is gaining more and more momentum, which plays into the hands of Waves with its convenient internal exchange. Over the past year, the price has increased by 650%.

On August 27, 2021, the price of WAVES is $23.44, the market capitalization is $2,484,487,408. The minimum price on August 2, 2016 was $0.1227. The maximum price on May 4, 2021 was $41.33.

Where to trade Waves? 

If you want to trade WAVES, then you should choose one of the many platforms, for example:

  • Binance – an exchange with the largest trading volume in the world, low commissions, and huge functionality.

Daily withdrawal limit: 0.06 BTC (without KYC). 

  • FTX – a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that offers its users many innovative and unique trading opportunities.

Daily withdrawal limit: 0 BTC (without KYC). 

  • 7b – a broker created to facilitate the trading process, there are the same coins as on Binance, but trading on the platform is more convenient.

Daily withdrawal limit: 2 BTC (without KYC). 

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How to exchange Waves using the 7b crypto broker app?

The best way to exchange WAVES is to use a 7b crypto broker. 7b is distinguished by its friendly interface, which provides an opportunity for beginners and experienced users to exchange more than 400 cryptocurrencies. All that is required of you is:

  1. Register an account in the 7b application.
  2. Top up your balance with one of the listed cryptocurrencies.
  3. Select a trading pair, for example, ETH/WAVES.
  4. Indicate the amount.
  5. Check the entered data and click “Buy”.

Waves Exchange 

Where to exchange WAVES? 

The exchange of one cryptocurrency is a quick way to get the desired coin into your portfolio. The criteria for choosing a platform depend on your requirements. For example, services such as brokers and instant exchangers provide an intuitive interface, which is extremely important for beginners. The main differences are indicated in the tables below:


Pros Cons
High level of securityThe cryptocurrency is credited to your account
Supports rare coins
No upper limits

Instant exchanger:

Pros Cons
High level of privacySecurity issues
Supports a fixed exchange rate
Wallet-to-wallet transfer

Waves is supported by many crypto exchangers, for example:

  • SimpleSwap – an easy-to-use exchanger where native coin SWAP is available as a Loyalty Program.

Fee: included in the exchange rate.

Coins: +300.

  • ChangeNOW – an instant exchanger, the average transaction speed is no more than 2 minutes.

Fee: included in the exchange rate.

Coins: +170.

  • StealthEX – a secure exchanger that is characterized by increased anonymity.

Fee: included in the exchange rate.

Coins: +350.

  • Swapzone – a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator where one can compare exchange rates, analyze and swap cryptocurrency in just one interface.

Coins: +100

What to know before exchanging Waves? 

It is often difficult for a novice trader to navigate in the field of cryptocurrencies, take the time to choose a quality exchange platform, because your funds will pass through it. Follow the below recommendations:

  1. Pay attention to the reputation, reviews, and reliability. When studying reviews, pay attention only to those that are written in independent sources.
  2. Fees and exchange rate. Naturally, you want to find a platform with the best rate and low commissions, but be careful, remember that a reliable platform will not work at a loss.
  3. You should be careful when entering a wallet address. First, make sure that you entered it correctly and only then perform the swap.

How to buy Waves? 

Waves cryptocurrency is great for diversifying your investment portfolio. Having free fiat funds, you can resort to buying WAVES via a platform with a fiat gateway. Pay attention to the reputation, the interface, the list of currencies, and the exchange rate before making a purchase.

Instruction on buying WAVES

Buying WAVES for the first time might a bit complicated for a beginner. That is why we have composed a step-by-step instruction so that you could buy WAVES without any problems:

Step 1. Sign up to a service providing trading or exchanging

Step 2. Deposit your account with BTC or ETH

Step 3. Find WAVES/BTC or WAVES/ETH trading pair

Step 4. Enter the necessary sum

Step 5. Confirm the transaction

What is the best time to buy WAVES

According to the most analytical reviews, the best time to buy WAVES is now. Thought the price fluctuations might occur from time to time, the general trend is upwards.

However it is only up to you to decide, while the information above should not be mentioned as a financial advice.

How to sell Waves

Selling WAVES does not differ much from buying it, however, to avoid mistakes follow this instruction to sell WAVES:

Step 1. Login the exchange platform you use

Step 2. Find WAVES/BTC or WAVES/ETH trading pair

Step 3. Enter the necessary sum

Step 4. Confirm the operation

Step 5. Exchange BTC or ETH to fiat (Optional)

What to know before buying WAVES

Before buying WAVES acknowledge yourself with some helpful tips, which might save your funds:

  1. Keep your WAVES either on hot or cold wallet. It guarantees the safety of your funds.
  2. Stay calm when the prices go up and down – the volatile nature of cryptocurrency causes huge price fluctuations, however it does not mean you should buy and sell hundreds of times a day.
  3. Never entrust your funds to dubious services, while some of them might eventually turn out to be scam or fraud.

Waves token use cases 

WAVES is a native token of the project, which serves for the following purposes:

  1. Payment of fees for transactions on the network, as well as for the use of services provided by the project. For example, to issue custom tokens, the user needs to have enough WAVES to pay the fee.
  2. Payment of reward to the block generators. In addition, the project implements a unique LPoS mechanism, thanks to which users can lease their WAVES to the block generators and receive remuneration for this.


Is Waves a good investment? 

Yes, the Waves ecosystem is a direct competitor to Ethereum, which provides an improved platform for development. Interest in Waves cryptocurrency is growing and over the past year the price has risen by 650%. The developers plan more improvements that can significantly affect the price of the coin.

How do I invest in Waves? 

You can invest in WAVES through crypto exchanges, brokers, instant exchangers, and platforms with a fiat gateway. If you already have any cryptocurrency, then the best way is to use a 7b crypto broker to buy WAVES in a safe manner. Select a trading pair, indicate the amount, and click “Buy”.

How to trade WAVES for beginners? 

It is important for a novice trader to track his activities and rely on his own research. If you prefer to rely on the advice of other sources, then carefully analyze, and not mindlessly follow. Choose a secure platform for trading, as 7b: select a trading pair, fill out a market application, and confirm the transaction.

What is Waves Blockchain?

Waves is a decentralized open source platform whose functionality is focused on user operations with tokens. The developers have created a unique Ride smart contract language for launching decentralized applications. The project operates on the basis of the LPoS consensus algorithm.

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