How to exchange Navcoin

Before you can start trading NavCoin, you should take the time to understand what NavCoin is. This guide will explain NavCoin as well as how to trade NavCoin and make money. 

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What Is NavCoin?

How to exchange Navcoin

NavCoin is one of many cryptocurrencies that aims to offer an alternative method for payments and transactions, but it has some unique factors. The basic features of NavCoin include the ability to send money cheaply across the world while maintaining your privacy. 

NavCoin has been around since 2014 and has a very strong community. It also funds itself via the community with a fully autonomous and fully decentralized fund, the first of its kind. 

One of the unique features of NavCoin is that it is carbon neutral. It is the first cryptocurrency in the world to be able to say this, something that is particularly important given the poor reputation of Bitcoin for eco-friendliness. 

NavCoin is also scalable, being able to process more than 260 transactions per second. The NavCoin team is not stopping there, though, and they are working on more scaling solutions for layer 2. That scalability means that transactions typically appear within seconds and get confirmed within just 30 seconds. 

Yet another unique feature of NavCoin is the ability to use OpenAlias to use an email address instead of an impossible-to-remember wallet address. 

The following chart shows the state of NavCoin at the time of writing. 

One important takeaway of this information is that there is currently 63.8 million NAV in circulation. NavCoin has a market cap of $24.87 million. You can also get a feel for the size of the community funding, based on the facts that there is 198,771 NAV available and the project already spent 1.8 million NAV from the fund. 

If you’re still asking yourself, “Should I trade with NavCoin?” check out the following chart on its price history. 

Why Should You Trade NavCoin?

When deciding if you want to make a NavCoin trade, you want to consider the network and its utility. NavCoin offers a similar solution to many other cryptocurrency projects, but it has unique features. The fact that it is carbon neutral makes it particularly promising and is a strong reason to trade NavCoin. 

Another great reason to consider trading NavCoin is its low price. At the time of writing, one NAV only costs $0.35, so it is highly affordable. This means that whether you choose to hold or trade NavCoin, a small investment will buy you a lot of NAV. 

NavCoin Trading vs Investing

The decision of trading vs investing in NavCoin largely depends on your strategy. If you trust in the future of NavCoin and just want to buy and hold it, this would be investing. 

No matter how you feel about its future, though, you can potentially profit from trading NavCoin. It comes down to how you trade NavCoin. If you actively trade it, you can take advantage of any positive price fluctuations and buy and sell NAV repeatedly. 


Choosing to trade NavCoin gives you the chance to take advantage of short-term price fluctuations to make profits in a matter of days or even hours. For example, as of June 16, 2021, the 24-hour high-low of NavCoin was $0.3714 to $0.418. While that may not seem like much, this means that for every NavCoin you held, you could have earned $0.04 in just 24 hours. Given the low price of NavCoin, you could easily own thousands of them. You could then repeat this process every day or few days to quickly multiply profits. 


The best example of the potential for long-term NavCoin investments comes from its high during the crypto peak in early January 2018. On the 11th, it was at $4.7275. Compared to its price of just $0.02009 on August 29, 2016, this would have been a very impressive return. Another example would be to compare the price of NavCoin from January 10, 2019, when it was at $0.1573, to the recent price on March 30, 2021, of $0.7654. 

Where to exchange Navcoin

As you look for where to exchange NavCoin, you will find wallets, exchanges, and brokers. Make sure you choose something that is easily accessible, as NavCoin does 24/7 exchange.

  • Binance – the most famous cryptocurrency exchange, with a high trust rating.
  • Bittrex – one of the largest and most popular platforms for trading cryptocurrencies. 
  • 7b – the best place to trade cryptocurrency, fast, stable and convenient.
Where to trade cryptocurrency

How to exchange Navcoin using the 7b crypto broker app?

The following steps will show you how to exchange NavCoin with the 7b crypto app

  1. Log into your 7b account. (You can create one in minutes). 
  2. Search for NavCoin using the search bar. Type in either “NavCoin” or “NAV.”
  3. Click “Buy” or “Sell” below the cart. 
  4. Fill out the purchase form and submit it. 
  5. You’re all set. Repeat as desired.


Is NavCoin a good investment?

There are no guarantees with cryptocurrency investment, but NavCoin has a lot of potential thanks to the fact that it is carbon neutral. 

How do I invest in NavCoin?

You can buy the coin on 7b broker, the best app to trade NavCoin. Then, leave it in your broker wallet or store it in a NavCoin wallet. 

How to trade NavCoin for beginners

The best way to trade NavCoin for beginners is via a broker app, as they are intuitive to use. Just search for NavCoin and click “Buy” or “Sell.” 

How to buy NavCoin cryptocurrency

You can buy NavCoin via a NavCoin trader app, such as 7b broker. 

What is the NavCoin blockchain?

NavCoin blockchain is a carbon-neutral, community-based blockchain for fast and cheap cryptocurrency transactions.

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