How to exchange Enjin?

The Enjin project is a modern system, thanks to which full control of the content in the game space is organized. With its help, a whole virtual marketplace can be formed, in which gamers will be able to create an exchange of goods on mutual terms, purchase them for a certain fee, as well as perform a whole range of other actions.

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What is Enjin (ENJ)? 

How to exchange Enjin coin?

The Enjin is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts and provides developers and gamers with the opportunity to use a host of new tools for managing, distributing and trading virtual goods. In addition, the project solves the problems of fraud in the gaming industry and aims to increase the level of security and trust with minimal transaction fees. The ENJ cryptocurrency allows the gaming community to create and distribute virtual assets in a safe and secure way. Moreover, the Enjin provides users with its own smart wallet, where virtual goods from each of the trusted platforms are stored. The project has implemented the Efinity network solution for efficient scaling. Another important advantage is the implementation of subscription services, virtual goods stores, and escrow transactions within the platform.

Why should I trade Enjin? 

As of June 23, 2021, the market capitalization of Enjin is $760,511,124, and the price per ENJ coin is $0.9. For a long time, ENJ quotes did not exceed $0.1, but in April 2021, a record value of $3.4 was set. Which means that the cryptocurrency entered the zone of investor interest. The crucial point is that the gaming industry is one of the most relevant and developing, and Enjin offers a wide range of opportunities for gamers and developers. At the moment, there is a good opportunity to buy the dip.

Where to trade Enjin? 

You can seamlessly buy, sell and trade ENJ via the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and online brokers. One of the most convenient ways is to download an app on your smartphone. Here are some platforms where you can trade ENJ 24/7:

  • Binance – the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, where you can buy, sell and trade ENJ in a convenient and secure manner.
  • 7b – the best crypto broker, that provides an opportunity to trade more than 2000 cryptocurrencies at the most competitive rates on the market. 
  • Huobi – one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world with high reliability rating, founded in 2013.  
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How to trade Enjin using the 7b crypto broker app? 

7b is the best place to buy and sell ENJ and over 2000 crypto assets at the most profitable rates. We provide smooth and fast crypto purchases and sales for each user. The ENJ purchase process is convenient and simple and can be completed in several clicks: 

  1. Install the 7b app on your smartphone.
  2. Sign up for an account and top up  it.
  3. Choose the crypto asset you want to buy or sell.
  4. Send the necessary amount of ENJ or another crypto asset.
  5. Done!  


Is Enjin a good investment? 

Yes! In the modern world, the gaming industry is one of the largest segments of the entertainment industry. Therefore, it is difficult to overestimate the coin, which opens up such wide opportunities for gamers and developers.

How do I invest in Enjin? 

If you want to invest in ENJ then the best place is here on 7b. Our crypto broker app provides the best rates on the market. Sign up for an account, select ENJ, and enter the desired amount. Store your ENJ coins on a secure wallet.

How to trade Enjin for beginners? 

Take the time and test a couple of algorithms on the history and compare the performance profiles for different strategies. Our 7b platform is suitable for both novice and experienced users. All you need to do is sign up for an account, choose a trading pair that suits you and start trading. Carefully analyze the crypto market and choose an appropriate trading strategy.

What is Enjin Blockchain? 

Enjin is a decentralized blockchain platform based on Ethereum. Which allows to significantly expand the capabilities and improve the work in the gaming industry.

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