How to exchange Cortex?

Cortex (CTXC) is just one of many cryptocurrencies that you may want to trade at some point. Before you become a Cortex crypto trader, there are some basics you should know. This guide will teach you more about Cortex and tell you how to trade Cortex and make money. 

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What Is Cortex?

How to exchange Cortex?

Cortex is a unique project, as it is a decentralized computer that was specifically designed to run artificial intelligence, as well as dApps powered by AI. This is all done on the Cortex blockchain, which the team describes as a “decentralized AI autonomous system.” It features the Cortex Virtual Machine, as well as Synapse, an AI inference engine. It also supports AI smart contracts in addition to AI dApps. 

One of the goals of Cortex is to encourage an open-source ecosystem. The idea is that it incentivizes AI developers and researchers to share models and work together. Cortex can efficiently execute machine learning models on-chain. 

For those who prefer to see raw numbers, Cortex (CTXC) was valued at $0.1825 at the time of writing. It has a market cap of $45.6 million. The fully diluted market cap would be $454.5 million. The circulating supply is 249.9 million CTXC, which is 83% of the total supply of 299,792,458. 

The following chart shows CTXC price fluctuations over time. 

Why Should You Trade Cortex?

There are plenty of reasons to consider trading Cortex. To start, it is highly affordable. This means that you can trade your Cortex without risking much money. Even just a small investment would buy you a large quantity of the CTXC coin. 

You should also be encouraged by the fact that Cortex offers an original concept. Remember that Cortex is the first blockchain solution of its type for AI. This type of innovation typically indicates a stronger chance of success. 

Another reason to look into Cortex trade options is that the project is already established. You can view the Cortex explorer on the project’s website, where you can see detailed information about its current chain and use. The following shows the figures as of the time of writing. 

Why Should You Trade Cortex?

Some key takeaways from this are that the Cortex blockchain has already had 2,056,237 transactions and has a circulating supply of 178.817 million. 

How much  CTXC will be worth?

The analytical review of Wallet Investor shows that CTXC might be one of the most promising crypto assets available on the market today. While in September 2021 the price of CTXC is approximately 0.5$, by 2026 it can increase in 7 times.

Simply put, $100 invested in CTSI in 2021, in 2026 will grow up to $700.

However we encourage our readers to do their own research, as far as the information given above is not a financial advice.

Cortex Trading vs Investing

If you don’t want to actively trade Cortex, you may prefer to invest in or hold it. This would involve finding a broker and buying Cortex. Then, you could keep it in the broker’s platform or transfer it to the official Cortex wallet. 

If you prefer to trade Cortex, look for the best broker to trade CTXC so you can buy and sell it in seconds whenever you want. 


Given the low price of Cortex of just $0.2083 as of June 16, it is easy to make a quick profit with this cryptocurrency. The 24-hour trade volume was $6.6 million, with the price ranging from $0.1971 to $02.196 in that period. Even those minor fluctuations could result in high returns, especially given that you can buy a large quantity of Cortex for a small amount of fiat. 


To provide an idea of the potential for a long-term investment strategy with Cortex, compare January 2019 to April 2021. As of January 2, 2019, it was at $0.1042 with a 24-hour volume of $2.5 million. As of April 9, 2021, it was at $0.6831 with a 24-hour volume of $333.7 million. Timing your long-term investment properly could have delivered returns of six times your investment. 

Where to Trade Cortex

You can choose to trade Cortex using a broker, exchange, or wallet. For many people, a broker is the best way to trade Cortex, as it lets you be an anonymous Cortex trader and they tend to have simpler interfaces. 

  • Binance – the most famous cryptocurrency exchange, with a high trust rating.
  • Huobi – one of the leaders of the crypto exchanges’ world rating, with good performance of trading volumes.
  • 7b – reliable and simple crypto broker app.
Where to trade cryptocurrency

How to Trade Using the 7b Broker App

Of the various options, the best app to trade Cortex in is the 7b broker app. The app offers more than 2,000 crypto pairs in addition to CTXC and gives you access 24/7. This is important, as Cortex does trade 24/7. 

To learn how can you trade Cortex with 7b, just follow these simple steps: 

  1. If you have not already, download the 7b mobile application, make and verify an account, and deposit cryptocurrency or funds. 
  2. Search for “Cortex” or “CTXC” on the app. 
  3. Glance at the chart to confirm you want to trade CTXC. Then, click “Buy” or “Sell” below it. 
  4. Fill out the form indicating how much CTXC you want to buy or sell. 
  5. You can repeat these steps as often as you want to. 


Is Cortex a good investment?

There are no guarantees, but Cortex has the potential to be a good investment. This comes from the fact that it is already established, has a strong team, and fills a unique need. 

How do I invest in Cortex?

The easiest way to invest in Cortex is to buy it on the 7b crypto broker app. 

How to trade Cortex for beginners

Beginners can easily trade Cortex with 7b. Just log into your account, search for CTXC, and fill out the trade form. 

How to buy Cortex cryptocurrency

You can buy Cortex on 7b by logging into your account, finding CTXC, and clicking “Buy.” 

What is the Cortex blockchain?

The Cortex blockchain is a decentralized blockchain designed to help developers and researchers who use AI.

How safe is Cortex?

The native coin of Cortex – CTSI, is an absolutely safe asset, both suitable for long-term and short-term investments. The guarantee of CTSI security also comes from the platforms listed it – Binance, Huobi, 7b. 

How do I exchange Bitcoin to Cortex?

Step 1. Log in to your crypto exchange account

Step 2. Search CTXC/BTC exchange pair

Step 3. Enter the necessary amount of CTXC

Step 4. Confirm the exchange operation

Step 5. Receive CTXC

How do I invest in Cortex?

To invest in Cortex (CTXC) one should first exchange fiat money on CTXC. The operation can be made via an exchange or swap platforms. Afterwards the sum should be sent either to wallet or a broker account.

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