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About us

7b is a new trading broker that allows users to trade easily, safely, and profitably. It works with the most popular cryptocurrencies, offers clear trading estimates, and provides full disclosure of any transaction fees involved.

With the 7B app, you can buy and sell crypto, view current rates and track price changes for each coin, manage your portfolio, and withdraw crypto (up to 2 BTC per day — no KYC required). You can place an order depending on your crypto trading strategy and current market situation.

How Does Cryptocurrency Trading Work?

Crypto trading is a process of buying and selling digital coins with the purpose of increasing profit by speculating on price movements. There are two ways to trade cryptocurrencies: through an online exchange or with a crypto broker. Both methods provide their advantages and disadvantages, while it's only up to the trader to decide which one to use.

Trading on an exchange involves a certain level of preparation and financial and crypto knowledge: you have to learn how to read graphs and other data, use trading tools correctly, and make sense of the technology behind the trading process. Besides, online exchange accounts might be costly to maintain and can have security issues.

Trading with a crypto broker means getting a middleman to do all the hard work. It is a great way for beginners to start investing in crypto and find their way around digital finance markets. With a broker, you get easy payment methods, reasonable fees, extensive customer support, and an overall convenient and user-friendly environment for trading.

Crypto trading through a broker starts with finding a trustworthy intermediary, registering, and verifying your account. Once you are all set, you have to fund your account and place a market order with a broker. Basically, that’s where your participation ends: the broker places your order on an exchange and deals with all the necessary procedures, and afterward, you get your crypto transferred to your account (depending on the result of a trading operation).

An easy way to start trading through a broker is to get a crypto trading app:

  • Set an account
  • Transfer funds
  • Get all the perks of working with a broker right on your mobile device

Why Choose 7b?

This crypto trading app is virtually your personal broker — knowledgeable, safe, and efficient. 7b offers a friendly environment for cryptocurrency trading beginners, at the same time providing handy financial instruments for more advanced traders. It enables users to place market orders and gives accurate calculations of purchase or sale prices.

7b is connected to the Binance exchange and can handle all the coins traded on this platform. This app is an excellent opportunity for crypto holders to make a lucrative investment and earn money on trading. It is safe to trade via a broker app, compared to online exchanges that are frequently subject to fraudulent activities. A broker trading app, on the other hand, provides the necessary security and is strictly regulated.

The 7b app is completely transparent about all transaction fees: no hidden commissions or last-second shady fees are applied. The size of commissions is always precise and final. This crypto trading app also has an intuitive interface that focuses on ease of use – no distractions or complex features, just useful trading tools wrapped into the straightforward design.

Supported Currencies

7b crypto trading app works with most top cryptocurrencies listed on the Binance exchange platform. At the moment it doesn’t support fiat, but this option will be available in the future. With 7b, you can do Bitcoin trading, buy and sell Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and many other digital coins.

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